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Contract for accommodation facilities

Sofable offers a contract service to meet the needs of hotels, farmhouses and B&Bs with the aim of creating environments that not only reflect your brand and style, but also offer an unforgettable experience to your guests.

Complete support from design to production

At Sofable, we work closely with the client and the architect in charge of the project , accompanying them in the conception, design and creation of a complete environment.

We can provide support at every stage of the design process , from initial conception to final production.

Our products are made in-house with artisanal production , ensuring that every aspect of the project reflects your vision , exceeding expectations in terms of design, functionality and comfort.

This artisanal approach guarantees meticulous attention to detail and a high possibility of customization .

Custom design

The project begins with careful and thorough listening. Our team of architects and interior designers are dedicated to understanding your brand's history, vision and goals.

We work closely with you and alongside the project architect to create a design that not only respects, but enhances the identity of your structure .

This creative process focuses on every detail, from the selection of materials to the matching of colors, from the arrangement of furnishings to the intelligent use of space.

Custom-made sofas for every environment

Custom-made sofas for every environment

Sofable elevates the experience with custom sofas designed to perfectly fit your facility's spaces.

Sofable allows you to customize every aspect of the upholstered products intended for your structure:

  • select or adapt the dimensions of the sofa or composition to your space
  • create customized sofa elements such as armrests, backrests and seats
  • select the type and color of the stitching
  • select the design and color of the feet
  • choose from over 4000 types of fabric and leather coverings of natural origin, or more practical materials for cleaning. to satisfy every type of need.

Each Sofable sofa is a harmony of comfort and style , designed to offer maximum comfort to your guests.

Customized wardrobes and furnishing solutions

Sofable offers a design and creation service for custom-made designer wardrobes and furniture , to create comfortable spaces with attention to detail.

This service focuses on a proposal of functional and modern furnishings designed for structures dedicated to hospitality, with modularity and a wide range of finishes , to bring the excellence of design to every environment.

High quality materials that comply with regulations

The selection of materials is a process that, in addition to aesthetics and durability, integrates safety and sustainability considerations.

For accommodation facilities, the use of certified materials that comply with regulations regarding fire safety , wear resistance and environmental standards is essential.

For upholstery we select fabrics and leathers based on their compliance with safety and hygiene regulations.

This includes stain-resistant, anti-allergenic and easily sanitized fabrics , ideal for high-traffic environments such as hotels and B&Bs.

Craftsmanship and quality control

The craftsmanship of our production process is combined with meticulous quality control .

Each object is examined to guarantee not only our quality standards, but also the safety and sustainability requirements required for accommodation facilities.

Customer-oriented partnership

Throughout the design process we maintain a dialogue with you to ensure that every choice reflects your vision.

With meticulous attention to detail , we ensure that every aspect of the project is crafted with precision and craftsmanship, making each space unique and unmistakable.

Our services

Sofable is constantly at each customer's side to offer tailor-made services, designed to make you live the most exclusive experience and to carry out the furnishing project for your home with you.

Behind every sofa, armchair, fabric or accessory, an internal studio of architects and interior designers works to create the perfect furnishing project for you, made special and unique by the hand of our craftsmen who intervene to personalize every single aspect.

You will have at your disposal a selection of exclusive services that will make your experience with Sofable extremely pleasant and safe, thanks to the competence and constant relationship with the team dedicated to you.

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