Customer care

Delivery methods and times

Free delivery service

All shipments are covered by an insurance guarantee and are carried out only with couriers of renowned professionalism and experience in the transport of furniture, in order to guarantee a high quality of service and the integrity of the product.

The delivery service is FREE and is intended for street level (excluding islands and particularly isolated areas). The Buyer is required to facilitate unloading operations if necessary.

In order to facilitate this delivery phase and allow adequate organization, the Buyer is informed by telephone and/or by email a few days before delivery.

The transporters do not deliver to the floor and do not collect the Buyer's used goods.
At the time of delivery, the Buyer is required to verify the exact number of packages delivered (which correspond to what is indicated in the transport document), their conditions and integrity.

In the event of any damage to the packaging, the Buyer is required to immediately report this circumstance to the courier by reporting the formula "acceptance with reservation for damaged packaging" on the delivery document, otherwise we will not be able to arrange for free replacement.

For further information on our Price promise, please contact us on 0573 400910 or send us an email to

Delivery service to the floor and assembly

For the delivery service to the floor and assembly of the products, there will be an additional cost to be assessed when purchasing the product, also in this case based on the characteristics of the product, the destination and the delivery plan.

For foreign countries, both European and non-EU, delivery to the street level is certainly possible, for delivery to the floor and assembly however we will have to evaluate the possibility of the service based on the requested destination.

The delivery service times to the floor are on average 2 weeks beyond the normal production times shown in the product sheets.

The carrier in charge of delivery to the floor will take care of contacting you in the previous days, to define and organize the delivery directly with you.

For the assembly service, if requested by the customer, it must be estimated based on the characteristics of the product.

Without prejudice to Sofable's commitment to do everything in its power to respect the delivery date, Sofable declines any responsibility in the event of delays by suppliers or circumstances of force majeure beyond its control. In this regard, it is specified that deliveries scheduled during the summer holidays or Christmas holidays may be subject to significant delays , which will in any case be communicated by Sofable.

If the Buyer wishes to delay the delivery of the purchased products, Sofable guarantees the free storage service for 30 days in its warehouses. For this service we will ask you for the balance of the goods purchased and ready in storage.